Donate an artwork or series to the Constitutional Court Art Collection

The CCAC is a relatively small yet prestigious art collection that provides a visual interface between art and justice for the public entering the highest court in South Africa. It is a unique collection of predominantly South African artworks, many of which are internationally acclaimed, that stimulate and enrich education, critical debate and research on the transformative role of the Constitution and the Constitutional Court of South Africa, based on the values of freedom, dignity and equality.

The collection explores and interrogates the themes of transition, social justice, human rights, constitutionalism, reparation and reconciliation in the South African context. Many works in the CCAC portray the political agency and lived experiences of the artist(s), whilst others are more abstract and traditional, using form to evoke emotion and understanding – and to celebrate diversity.

The majority of the artworks in the CCAC have been donated by artists, collectors, and gallerists as a sign of support and appreciation for the work of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, and the Constitutional Court Trust (CCT) as custodian of the CCAC. Artworks in the CCAC are shown on rotation in the public gallery of the Constitutional Court and throughout its private spaces. It is customary to first exhibit any new acquisitions in the public gallery.

The collection is looked after by a dedicated curatorial team under the guidance of the Constitutional Court Artworks Committee, consisting of Justices of the Constitutional Court, the Constitutional Court Trust manager, and external art specialists. The curatorial team ensures the artworks’ professional presentation, documentation and preservation, and sustained profiling and discussion in media, academic research and viewing by the thousands of visitors to the Constitutional Court.

If you have an artwork that you think could be part of the CCAC and would like to propose it as such, please find the necessary information below.